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I am a responsible, fun-loving, passionate catoisseur (and notorious cat pun-er) with amazing work ethics, consistency and integrity. I moved to Los Angeles in March 2017 with my (now) 10 year old rescue, an orange fatty and my live-in guardian angel, Hemingway Otis, to pursue opportunities in my local community to advocate for mental health education in order to remove stigma, helping the homeless by initiating local programs, as well as running a local women's book club and volunteering with a cat rescue group, The Cat's Meow Animal Rescue (


I make time for feline appreciation, health, exercise and maintenance.


My FelineFursitting philosophy is to go beyond basic needs of sitting and provide authentic love and attention in the form of play time, cuddles, pets, and positive reinforcers (treats! catnip! toys! oh my!).


I have intermediate to advanced skills administering medications (asthma and oral medications and including kitten and adult cat CPR) and treatments and am also amazing with physically ill and/or behaviorally challenged felines.


I will send you many pics and videos of your cat while you are away (I am also down with Skype/Video chatting you with your cat)!


I was previously working with's platform for 3 and a 1/2 years years until recently and have gained so much knowledge and experience, various communication styles that cats employ like chats, cackles, meow-yells, eye blinks, paw massages, purrs, and so on.


Not to mention how wonderfully rewarding kitty visits and care are in general. For instance, volunteering with the Cat's Meow Animal Rescue Group is incredibly amazing because I get to care for and help socialize kitty rescues and help find them furrever homes because like I will reiterate, ALL cats deserve their best life.


My favorite things are chatting with kitties, the diversity of cats I have the privilege to meet, and that all kitties have little quirks and personality nuances that just tickle my heart, reinforce optimism and my kinship/cat-whispering abilities that allow cats to be their full selves personality-wise.


I like to stick to your kitty’s normal routine and all specific instructions for care and maintenance as cats all stubbornly insist on sticking to their habits haha but it helps prevent anxieties while you are away.  Also cats are social creatures whether they show it or not and do get lonely so I like to provide cuddles, play, chatting and as much attention as possible even if they’re a bit of an afraid-y kitty.Nutrition per instructions, cleanliness, light grooming, attention, love and cuddles, exercise, play and stimulation and of course tons of pictures and maybe a video or two to share with you. I want you to know and feel your kitty is loved and well cared for so you can have peace of mind as well. I know how anxious I get when separated from my kitty for too long. Is he ok? Lonely? Thinks he’s been abandoned? And so on so those are things I strive to assuage for you while you’re away.


All cats deserve their best kitty life.


I cover several areas of Los Angeles including but not limited to, Downtown, Koreatown, East Hollywood, Los Feliz, Silver Lake, Echo Park, Hollywood, West Hollywood, some of the Valley, Van Nuys, Sherman Oaks, North Hollywood, Pasadena, Monterey Hills, and more (please feel free to inquire!).


My dream is to find beautiful, spacious land in which to create a cat sanctuary galore with an (safe) aviary, greenhouse, self-sustaining community for a cat utopia. A safe haven where cats may roam free and be their natural animalistic cat cats (haha).


I also warn you that your cat will receive unlimited nicknames during cat chats while you are away!


Please feel free to ask me any questions!


Five percent of my total annual earnings will be donated to a cat sanctuary and adoption not for profit in Southern California, Cat House of the Kings (


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